BOB Tech Solutions

BOB Tech Solutions

IT-Software/Software Services

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Maruti Towers, No3/4 Hosur MainRoad, 2nd Floor, Madiwala BANGALORE, Karnataka, India 560068



200 +


IT-Software/Software Services

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BOB Tech Solutions

BOB Tech Solutions is IT Services Company having its corporate office, development center at Bangalore and branch offices at Hyderabad and US operations in Irving, Texas. We primarily focus on Staff

BOB Tech Solutions

BOB Tech Solutions is IT Services Company having its corporate office, development center at Bangalore and branch offices at Hyderabad and US operations in Irving, Texas. We primarily focus on Staff Augmentation and Software Services. BOB Tech Solutions is built on the foundation and the approach of its Staffing Solutions and is an arena where our clients are provided with focused technological expertise, cost-effective and best of the breed solutions.


We Provide Services likes:-

1- PROFESSIONAL SERVICES:- Business thrives on the ability to anticipate, adopt, implement and manage changes in technology as well as customer expectations. To stay ahead of the competition in this challenging IT environment, it requires effective planning, execution and management of human, capital, infrastructure and processes. However, all these demand a considerable investment of time as well as money, which can drive your focus away from the core business activities. Expert advice from an efficient and trusted IT consultant can help you minimize risks, avoid pitfalls and gain a competitive edge in business. BOB Tech Solution's comprehensive Professional Services help our clients enhance their productivity and increase ROI without any overheads.

2- PRODUCT ENGINEERING SERVICES:- We support customers for transforming their vision to solution from product conceptualization, usability engineering to development, testing and deployment. Since Inception BOB has embraced product development as a core business function. The key team brings together decades of experience in delivering solution from vision of global companies that wish to outsource their product development. Unlike application development, product development involves a lot of ground work to define the vision, consider sustainability and ensure business success. We plan a road map along with the client, work to develop the product within the target budget and deliver on time. We assure quality, speed and best price tag.

3- MOBILITY SERVICES:- BOB Tech has the expertise to help bring your idea to life. Whether you want a fully native solution, using Objective-C, Java/Dalvik, etc., or you want a cross-platform solution using PhoneGap, RhoMobile, etc., we have the technical expertise to get it done for you.


We are Expertise in:-

1- STAFF AUGMENTATION:- BOB differentiates itself with a unique business model driven by significant upfront investments in training and development of personnel. The team understands how to evaluate top talent, retain this talent and pro-actively address customers' needs.
By charting out a comprehensive IT Resource fulfilment strategy and roadmap with the help of senior IT specialists, BOB addresses specific business and operational issues. BOB can supplement the customers' IT resource needs over short-, mid- and long-term.

2- REMOTE IT STAFFING:- Through this model BOB Tech acts as an extended partner to its client in sourcing, screening and employing offshore staff. BOB Tech will host, support and manage the client's offshore staff in our operational offices - as per their specific requirements. The offshore staff will work exclusively to the client on a full time basis. The client has full control over the whole process, from deciding on which staff they choose to hire for their offshore team, right down to how they will be supported and managed. It is just like hiring locally; however the staff will be located offshore and work remotely.

Product strategy/ Concept generation.
Business/Data Modelling.
Functional requirements definition
Rapid prototyping and development of proof of concept.
Change/ Release management.

Co-Product Development (Agile. Scrum, RUP).
Business/Data Modelling.
Product Lifecycle Management.
Product e-Enablement.
Component and Interface development.

5- HyperCRM For Android Phones:- HyperCRM allows you to optimize the productivity of interactions with customers, even when your agents are away from their desks, and on the field. When an agent receives a call from a customer, he can see the customer profile, the interaction history, and notes created by anyone for that customer, even before he answers the call. He can add notes on the call, initiate actions, follow-ups or escalate. These interactions will be visible to everyone in the enterprise. You can also monitor whether an agent promptly follows up on a missed call, etc.


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Senior Software Engineer

4 - 6 Years Experience


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