Takeajob.com has come up with the latest technology and innovative strategies to make the job easier for recruiters and employers. With cutting edge practices and unmatched service delivery we strive for the prosperity of our clients. In the past two months we have assisted hundreds of firms to get equipped with top class personnel for their exact requirement.

Posting the jobs

Posting the jobs now has changed merely from notifying the vacancies. It can be done by function wise, designation wise and the most advanced one is by location. Recruiters are given with freedom to check the reach ability of the candidate before making a call itself. So you can learn more about this under geo tagging benefits.

Geo tagging of residential addresses of job seekers

At the time of registration we are making the coordinates of the job seekers to be captured. It means the longitudinal and latitudinal position of the residential location of all the active job seekers will be at our database and the same can be availed by the employers. Now recruiters can check on the details of where about of candidates from the login screen itself. It will help recruiters to distinguish the job seekers by location and it could be an effective tool in filtering the candidates.

This unique option can be helpful to employers as well as the job seekers as it is reducing the time taken in analyzing the geographical constraints. Heat maps of employment density are going to be launched soon.